Car Rental Articles

Car Rental Articles

Car rental has received its share of challenges and complaints over the years.

Here is a selection of articles aimed at consumers and car rental companies with the intention of clarifying and educating...

A selection of articles aimed at clarifying and educating consumers and car rental companies

Car Rental Articles

About the author

During a career at the forefront of international car rental e-commerce dating back to 2000, I was responsible for many aspects of the online reservation platform in 29 languages, the onboarding of franchisees, corporate partnership implementation, legal compliance, 3D secure payment authorisation implementation and many other initiatives.

I'm Daron Harvey, and the information contained in these articles is based on experience and industry knowledge. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. It should also be understood that individual company policies and country rules can and do change over time.

What are the top car rental complaints?

Top car rental complaints

What are the most complained things when renting a car? Are car rental companies fair and transparent in their pricing, fees and terms of rental?

This article covers some of the most frustrating and complained about aspects of car rental, and some advice about what to look out for when making a reservation.

Car Rental Complaints

Car Rental Age Requirements

Age Requirements

Why do car rental companies have age restrictions and apply charges for younger drivers? What is the minimum age for renting a car? How much will an age surcharge cost?

This article aims to explain the reasons and concerns surrounding car rental age restrictions and surcharges, and why they can differ between car rental companies.

Age Restrictions

Car Rental Additional Driver Fees

Additional Driver Fees

Why do car rental companies charge a fee for adding another driver to the rental? What are additional driver fees, and how much is the surcharge?

Additional Driver Fees

Vehicle classification in car rental

Vehicle classification

Carental companies classify vehicles using SIPP codes and ACCRISS codes, but with inconsistency in naming vehicle types and groups, it can be difficult for customers to identify similar vehicle types and compare prices.

This article aims to clarify the meaning of SIPP/ACCRISS codes, and highlight some of the inconsistencies which can be confusing to customer.

Vehicle Classification

Customer Personas

Why are customer personas important?

For most visitors it's not a question of Should I rent a car? but Who should I rent a car from? But not all customers have the same needs and objectives, so understanding customer personas is important.

Customer Personas

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