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Daron Harvey

Professionally developing, managing and testing websites since 1996, with more than 20 years in global car rental e-commerce management, compliance and business development.

Professionally developing since 1996, with more than 20 years in global car rental e-commerce management, compliance and business development.

Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and Testimonials

I had the pleasure of working with Daron over many years during which time my company Just Perfect IT Ltd delivered global projects to Hertz during Daron's time as a senior member of the Hertz International Ecommerce team.

Daron is a highly capable and professional web developer with a wide range of Ecommerce skills and I would highly recommend him to any company looking for a first class job with an emphasis on using a professional who delivers on time and on budget.

R.E. via LinkedIn

I had the pleasure to work with and for Daron for many years at Hertz, he is a great professional and equally a great person. Daron is methodical with an exceptional work ethic and I learnt a lot from him.

Daron has an incredible attention to detail and consistently delivered projects to the highest standard and on schedule, he undertook a huge amount of testing to ensure even the smallest edge cases are addressed.

During our time working together Daron conducted a numerous competitor analysis and bench-marking to identifying best in class solutions to ensure providing the optimum customer experience for our customers.

M.H. via LinkedIn

I had the pleasure of working with Daron for 20+ years and he is one of the smartest, hard working, detail oriented product managers around. We worked together on countless projects, with numerous stakeholders and all projects were delivered with top notch requirements and testing.

Throughout the years and numerous projects Daron delivered everything required along with managing stakeholder expectations in an incredibly professional way.

T.K. via LinkedIn

Daron is a skilled and knowledgeable technologist and manager of IT projects. I worked with Daron for a number of years and had the utmost confidence in his abilities to manage large and small projects, easy and difficult business partners, evolving technologies and ever changing internal organizational shifts.

Daron is very good at determining root cause of issues and driving solutions of such. He was instrumental in helping business partners succeed in their goals by helping them to understand the technology afforded them and guiding them in it's use.

G.C. via LinkedIn

I had the privilege of working with Daron for 20+ years. Daron is a phenomenal product manager who is able to manage a large number of projects concurrently. Daron has the unique ability to recognize and avoid potential issues that others on the team may have overlooked. He is bold in his thinking and humble enough to always point back to the team for successes.

Daron's innovation and overall ingenuity enabled many projects to move forward through to completion that otherwise would not have been possible. Daron is a wonderful manager, colleague and team member. He is undaunted by large, multi-system projects and recognizes the importance of seemingly small projects being the lynchpins to facilitate not only the larger projects but to keep the daily processes running smoothly.

Any company that is fortunate enough to add Daron to their team will quickly clear their backlog of projects and bring competitive, ambitious projects into the marketplace.

L.M. via LinkedIn

As a colleague at Hertz, I had the pleasure of working with Daron on numerous eCommerce projects. Daron is a very proactive person willing to take any challenge thrown at him.

He has always been thoroughly competent, professional and extremely personable. Daron always provides knowledge and professionalism in all tasks assigned. In addition, he is an excellent communicator. He is an asset to any organization and I would highly recommend Daron.

C.D. via LinkedIn

I worked with Daron at Hertz on multiple projects, mainly on our Hertz web and mobile sites. Daron's creative thinking, positive can-do attitude and drive in finding and implementing solutions made him a pleasure to work with.

He continually delivers results, went above and beyond in providing exceptional organisational, support, communication and testing skills, and showed genuine integrity. His strengths and perseverance in proactively delivering solutions and ideas in makes him a valuable contributor to any situation or team.

S.A. via LinkedIn

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