Car Rental eCommerce Case Studies

Car Rental Experiences

How has more than 20 years in international car rental eCommerce provided me with the knowledge, skills and experience to continue helping those in the industry to flourish?

Here are some of my experiences, challenges and successes...

A selection of experiences based on more than 20 years in international car rental eCommerce

Car Rental eCommerce Case Studies

International Car Rental eCommerce Experiences

During a career at the forefront of international car rental e-commerce dating back to 2000, I was responsible for many aspects of the the onboarding of franchisees totalling 29 languages, as well as managing corporate partnerships, legal compliance, payment authorisation implementation and many other initiatives.

NOTE: In the interests of confidentiality and professional integrity, no details or information relating to any specific car rental brand or broker is disclosed.

Compliance and Pricing Clarity

In 2014 I became responsible for the compliance of a number of car rental websites based on directives from the European Union Commission and the CMA.

Sounds like a dull task, but it holds good memories for me, not just for the challenges of implementing dozens of country based requirements to a global multi-lingual reservation platform, nor for the volume of miles clocked up due to international travel...

Most importantly it was the catalyst for many customer centric improvements which made a positive difference, increased trust, and were good for the brand.

Compliance & Pricing Clarity

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